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Immigration courts remain open during the coronavirus pandemic.

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

At the current time all 69 immigration courts are not closed, which is putting government workers, immigration lawyers and immigrants at risk of contracting the coronavirus. As of today about 2/3 of immigration courts remain open. This as resulted in the filing of two separate federal lawsuits to close the courts.

Currently, all detention hearings are still being held. Leaving most immigrants in chaos and confusion as to whether they should report to their scheduled immigration hearing date. For clarification, if you are currently in detention then you are required to continue reporting for your court appearances.

In New York, where I practice all non-detained hearing scheduled through May 1st 2020 have been postponed. Therefore, immigrants that had a hearing during this time should wait to receive a new hearing notice. I implore you if you have an immigration attorney to contact your attorney in an effort to ensure that you are aware of your new hearing date.

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