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Say goodbye to the “public charge rule” enacted by former President Trump

On Tuesday, March 9th 2021, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas released a statement that the government will no longer defend the 2019 public charge rule that was enacted by former President Trump declaring that doing so is neither in the public interest nor an efficient use of limited government resources.

The “public charge rule” enacted under former President Trump in 2019 restricted immigrants from attaining lawful permanent status if they received certain public benefits for more than a total of twelve months within any 36 month period.

In his statement Mr. Mayorkas specified “The 2019 public charge rule was not in keeping with our nation’s values. It penalized those who access health benefits and other government services available to them,” said Secretary of Homeland security Alenjandro N. Mayorkas. “Consistent with the President’s vision, we will continue to implement reforms that improve our legal immigration system.”

The Department of Justice has begun notifying all courts including the Supreme Court that it will no longer defend the public charge rule.

This is a victory for poor immigrants, especially those who were not seeking public assistance or medical assistance they desperately needed in fear that it would prevent them from ever attaining permanent legal status.

Oliver Brewster Esq.

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